Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Flash Secret Files & Origins #3

Flash Facts

Ian Edginton: Writer
Jason Johnson: Pencils
Aaron Sowd: Inks
Steve Dutro: Letters
Tom McCraw: Colors
Digital Chameleon: Separations

Cover art and color by Scott Kolins. I'm not the biggest fan of this cover. I just don't like it when artists give the Flash a bunch of legs to try to show how fast he's moving. But the color is nice, and the background is beautifully detailed. And to tell you how stupid I am, I didn't even realize Flash was running up the side of a building until I turned the cover sideways.

The main story of this issue focuses on an eager investigator named Hunter Zoloman joining the Keystone police squad to help track down the Rogues. And all the Profile Pages feature the Rogues, as well. If it weren't for this one random Flash Facts page, we'd be continuing Geoff Johns' streak of ignoring Impulse in The Flash.

In case you can't read the image, we see Max wake up Bart to teach him that the quahog, a type of clam, can live up to 200 years, which Bart notes is almost as old as Max. The next fact Max brings up is that the human sneeze leaves the body at 300 miles per hour. Bart asks him if he got sick from eating that 200-year-old clam. Finally, Max explains that the tip of a cracking whip moves faster than the speed of sound. Bart gets a little dirty by saying, "Cool, if that's your idea of a good time!" He then ends the Flash Facts with, "Education is fun-duh-mental ... accent on 'mental'!"

I found this to be a lot of fun. Jason Johnson, artist on Bart Saves the Universe was the perfect choice for this goofy, light-hearted page. Although I did have a few issues with Johnson's work previously, I still wish he could have drawn a bit more Impulse. As for The Flash, I know Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins are doing some interesting things other there, and it makes me sad that Impulse was not included in it.

Next time, we'll have an unofficial epilogue for Our Worlds at War with Young Justice #37.

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