Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Green Lantern #128

One in a Million

Jay Faerber – Writer
Gus Vazquez – Penciller
Andy Smith – Inker
W. Moose Baumann – Colorist
Sean Konot – Letterer
Frank Berrios – Assistant
Bob Schreck – Editor

Our cover shows Green Lantern down on the ground, surrounded by random thugs wearing Rocket Red-like armor, and one of them holding Green Lantern's ring. I don't know how Kyle is able to keep his costume on without his ring on his finger, but that's how they do it in the issue, as well. Anyway, this is a rather bleak and frightening cover, showing a superhero robbed of his one source of power. I just wish his ring was in the hands of someone we actually knew and feared.

Our story actually takes a much more light-hearted tone than the cover suggests. We open with Kyle Rayner and Roy Harper in the Warriors restaurant, with Roy showing off his archery skills in front of a girl by placing an apple on top of Kyle's head. Roy pretends to get distracted right as he fires the arrow, which freaks Kyle out, even though the arrow perfectly split the apple. After Roy gets the girl's number, he and Kyle catch up over a game of darts, reminiscing of their brief time together on the New Titans.

And that's all we get of Impulse in this issue — a flashback that shows him wearing the wrong kind of gloves. Although, the use of these gloves is interesting here, since it was in Impulse's first New Titans appearance where he was first shown (incorrectly) to wear full-fingered gloves to create a bit of a fake-out that Wally was going to join the team. Anyway, it was fun to see all these old friends once again. But now they've all gone their separate ways and pretty much have nothing to do with Impulse anymore. It's kind of sad, but Young Justice is exponentially better than New Titans was at the end of it's run.

Oh, I guess I should tell you how this issue ends. Well, Arsenal and Green Lantern get a call of some Quraci terrorists who have taken a bunch of hostages. During the course of the battle, Green Lantern loses his ring, and is forced to save the day with Arsenal's bow and arrow. To his and Arsenal's surprise, Lantern makes the one-in-a-million shot, and the two of them return to Warriors to laugh about it with Guy Gardner.

So yeah, this was a pretty fun, easy-going issue, which is always nice to have from time to time. And I do like to see that some people still do remember that brief and forgettable run of New Titans with Damage, Impulse, Mirage, Supergirl, Terra, Jarras Minion, Arsenal, Darkstar and Green Lantern.

Next time, we'll have another very quick Impulse cameo in The Flash #164.

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