Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sins of Youth: Wonder Girls #1

Coming of Age

Written by Brian K. Vaughan
Pencilled by Scott Kolins
Inked by Chris Ivy
Colored by Rick Taylor
Lettered by Ken Lopez
Edited by Maureen McTigue
Wonder Woman created by William Moulton Marston

Cover by Mike Wieringo & Terry Austin. Colors by Tanya & Richard Horie.

This is probably the only Sins of Youth cover I'm not a fan of. Sure, it's drawn very well. But, c'mon ... do we really need THAT much cleavage? Sure, I've seen much worse with Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Supergirl, etc., but this is Cassie Sandsmark we're talking about, and she's, like, 14! Even though she's technically an adult now, it's only temporary, and this cover still makes me uncomfortable. Well, enough of that!

Just like with the Superman/Superboy issue, this one could get way too confusing too fast if you try for the Wonder Women/Girls route. DC didn't even try it with the title of the issue, simply going with the generic Wonder Girls. So I'm going to only refer to them by their real names, Diana and Cassie. And our story starts with a young Diana trying to end a war by grabbing two tanks and smashing them against each other. But she's quickly embarrassed when she realizes the soldiers were just training by playing war games. Luckily, the tanks were decommissioned scrap heaps, so no harm was done, but Cassie does realize she needs to keep a better eye on Diana.

Cassie takes Diana back to her room, and Cassie is shocked to see through an adult's eyes how she lived in such a cluttered room with walls covered in Titanic posters. Cassie feels uncomfortable wearing Wonder Woman's uniform, but she does finally feel ready to wear Donna Troy's old red uniform. Diana also changes out of Cassie's usual leather jacket and goggles, throwing together the outfit we see her wearing on the cover.

The two then get down to business and try to contact Zeus to get him to change them back. But they instead get Apollo, who agrees to help them if they first retrieve his lost helmet from a giant, powerful cyclops. (As was mentioned in the Impulse/Kid Flash issue.) So the Wonder Girls fly off to Greece and battle the monster, but get their butts kicked. So Diana tries talking to the cyclops in Ancient Greek, and it turns out he's a nice guy, who was ordered by Apollo to kill anyone who tried to take the helmet by force, but to give it to those who ask for it politely.

However, Apollo betrayed our heroes, and told Agenda where to find them. So before Cassie and Diana can return the helmet to Apollo, they're surrounded by Agenda helicopters. The troops order them to surrender, saying they already have Superboy in custody. Cassie sees this as their best chance of rescuing Superboy, so she and Diana abandon the helmet and surrender to Agenda.

And while all this was happening, Klarion ... bum, bum, BUM ... the Witch Boy paid a visit to Diana's Wonderdome and made Sphinx younger. (I guess they couldn't find a better Wonder Woman villain.)

CDTV Top Story

The is Ace Atchison reporting for CDTV news, bringing you the latest coverage on the current "Sins of Youth." And I'm asking who are the Wonder Girls? There's Themyscira's Princess Diana. But is she the kid who's been seen tossing tanks alongside the waaay hot blonde babe calling herself Wonder Woman? Or is that the new, scrawny Wonder Girl, who's Young Justice's leader, in a new costume? Wasn't she wearing something else earlier? Then there's the Wonder Girls with the Titans, but she now calls herself Troia, right?

Artemis, the other Wonder Woman, could not be reached for comment. And to the joker from New York calling himself "Wonder Man," we're not going to interview you! So give it up!

We just hope that the Wonder Girl from Young Justice learns something from all the different Wonder Girls costumes out there and takes a hint.

In other news:
– Flamebird's Casa de Fashion agrees: YJ's Wonder Girl tops the Worst Hero Look, beating out last year's winner, Brother Power the Geek.
– And winning the Best-Looking Hero award is Green Lantern. Looks good and knows how to accessorize.

This comic wasn't too bad, considering I have little to no investment in Wonder Woman and the Greek gods. This issue was well-written and looks really good, which comes at no surprise considering who worked on it. Brian K. Vaughan will later become a big name in comics with Y: The Last Man, and Scott Kolins will enjoy a long run on The Flash. So it's pretty to see these two creators before their big "break out" success.

Up next is Part 11 of the 12-part Sins of Youth. The Klarion the Witch Boy Project! Sins of Youth: The Secret & Deadly #1.

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