Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sins of Youth: Batboy and Robin #1

Big Magic

Chuck Dixon • Story
Cary Nord • Pencils
Mark Lipka • Inks
Noelle Giddings • Colors
Sean Konot • Letters
Eddie Berganza & Matt Idelson • Stunt Coordinators
Batman created by Bob Kane

Cover by Mike Wieringo & Terry Austin. Colors by Tanya & Richard Horie. All these covers have the same design and the same high level of quality. I feel bad that I don't have much to say about them, but that's just how it goes, I guess. I'm not exactly sure why the Batboy costume has a mask completely covering Bruce's face, but it does look pretty cool. Maybe it's to help distinguish him from his normal Batman form. Ironically, the bulk of this issue has Bruce dressed like Robin and Tim as Batman.

This issue also doesn't have Impulse in it, so this will be another quick synopsis. Bruce and Tim have returned to Gotham City and, in an effort to maintain the illusion of normalcy, have put on each other's uniforms. But kid Bruce is a bit bigger than Tim was, so the Robin outfit is tight on him. Tim is nervous about driving the Batmobile for the first time, but he quickly grows to love it. And poor Alfred has to lie down after seeing these age-swapped heroes.

Bruce says they need to find Klarion the Witch Boy, and he suggests they ask Zatanna to help them. Some highlights along the way include Tim awkwardly calling Jim Gordon "Commissioner" instead of just "Jim," and Tim having a nice discussion with Bruce, where he admits he has never considered growing up to be Batman. He still plans on fighting crime throughout his life, just not necessarily as the Dark Knight. Oh, and Klarion turns the Penguin into a kid.

To make a long story short, Tim and Bruce rescue Zatanna from a couple of very random villains. She then tries to restore them to their normal ages, but all she can manage is to change their costume back to what they were on the cover, saying Klarion's magic is too powerful for her. Oddly enough, neither Batboy nor Robin tells Zatanna that their ages were changed by a combination of magic and science. Nor do they ask her to help them locate Klarion, which was their plan all along. They just ... leave.

CDTV News Top Story

This is Ace Atchison reporting for CDTV news, bringing you the latest coverage on Sins of Youth. And let me tell you, Gotham City blows! We've been here for just a couple of hours, and so far we've had most of our equipment stolen, our van is missing and we've been attacked twice. The last one could have been fatal, if not for some huge Batguy and a very serious kid who was with him. They showed up at the last minute to kick some much deserved bad-guy butt. This means the urban legends are true about a Batman in this city, but I can't prove it because our video cameras were TAKEN!!!!

All I can say is that he's nicer than has been said. It's his kid sidekick who gives me the creeps.

So If you can avoid Gotham City, do it. Good goth music, but THAT IS IT!

In other news:
– Zatanna says for her next trick, "kcehc tuo ym wen noitca erugif."
– Waynetech mini-CD system not compatible with LexCorp Music's new Big Boom Tube Boxes.

Sadly, this was the weakest installment of Sins of Youth so far. The art wasn't that great, and the story was really meandering. It was kind of fun to see Tim struggle with being an adult, but the kid Bruce didn't act different at all. Batboy was a lot more entertaining in JLA Jr. #1. Oh well. We're bound to have a few hiccups in such a large story with so many different creators involved. The fact that duds like this are the exception and not the rule is a testament to the awesomeness of this event.

Next time, Part 7: The speedsters do a world press conference to clear up the current Young Justice mess, and you are there! Sins of Youth: Kid Flash & Impulse #1!

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