Saturday, April 16, 2016

Supergirl #36

Hell's Heck's Angels Part 2 Justice Delayed

Peter David, Writer
Leonard Kirk, Penciller
Robin Riggs, Inker
Gene D'Angelo, Colorist
Digital Chameleon, Seps
Bill Oakley, Letterer
Frank Berrios, Asst. Ed.
Mike McAvennie, Editor

Our cover shows Supergirl (literally) in the clutches of Young Justice. They look particularly demonic with their faces and bodies blacked out, leaving only glowing red eyes and a few distinguishing elements of their costumes. It's a really neat effect. I'm not a big fan of the art in this issue, but I can get behind this cover. The only nit I have with it, is it doesn't say that this is the second part of a crossover with Young Justice. I've been burned by comics like this before, where I only find out after I open it that I should have bought an issue from a different series to read first. Small notes on the cover help prevent this.

As to be expected, there's a lot going on in this issue that doesn't concern Young Justice or Impulse. So I'll just gloss over all the extraneous stuff. Our story opens on an odd businessman named Mr. Carnivean. His underling, Mr. Stubbs, informs him of Dante's recent visitors, and even brings up a video to show Young Justice making their way through the cavern. Mr. Carnivean calls Dante an "overreaching little mortal" and says Arrowette remains quite the fashion nightmare. (Hey! At least this costume is better than her first one!) Anyway, Mr. Stubbs shows Mr. Carnivean that Dante has captured a woman named Tammy Neil. The two sinister men hope Dante doesn't know the true nature of Tammy, but just to be sure, Carnivean decides it's time to introduce Supergirl to the new chaos stream.

Let's skip ahead a bit to Supergirl spotting a reverend being attacked by one of Dante's winged demon friends. Supergirl's able to get the creature off the man's back with her heat vision, then follows it as it escapes through the sewers. Supergirl is led through a portal in the sewer wall, which opens up to what she recognizes as another chaos stream. Supergirl follows the little winged demon through a series of caverns until she comes enters Dante's Inferno just in time to see Superboy get pounded by the large winged demon.

Supergirl helps Superboy defeat the large creature, and they learn that its wings are metallic and were somehow grafted onto its back. Their victory is short-lived, however, as Wonder Girl swoops down and begins attacking them. Wonder Girl is followed by Robin, Arrowette and Impulse, who start hitting Supergirl with everything they've got. They all have the demon-succubi things on the back of their necks, and their eyes are red like the cover. Supergirl realizes the teens are possessed, and she asks for Superboy's help. But in the commotion, Superboy also was possessed, and he quickly joins his teammates in the onslaught against Supergirl.

I am all in favor of a Supergirl/Young Justice crossover. Since both titles are written by Peter David, you can count on him to get all the characters right and keep the continuity straight. And having Supergirl take on pretty much the entire Young Justice is a pretty awesome idea. This issue was only hampered by the subpar art and my lack of knowledge of this version of Supergirl. I guess I need to sit down one day and read Peter David's run on the title. With this issue, I'm surprised at how much the series seems to deal with angels and demons. I find that idea a little weird, but it could be cool. David is, after all, a pretty dang good writer.

Next time, we'll see what Inertia has planned in Impulse #52.

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