Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Final Night #1

Chapter One: Dusk

Kar Kesel ... Writer
Stuart Immonen ... Penciller
Jose Marzan Jr. ... Inker
Lee Loughridge .. Colorist
Gaspar ... Letterer
Ali Morales ... Asst. Editor
Dan Thorsland ... Editor

The cover by Immonen and Marzan shows the biggest, most powerful DC characters — Batman, Flash, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter — standing on Clark Kent's place of employment, The Daily Planet. It's an OK cover, but it seems to suffer from some of the crude computerized coloring that plagued this era.

Our story begins with Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes being alerted to an approaching alien spacecraft, which just happens to land in Metropolis. The alien introduces herself as Dusk and delivers a dire warning: the Sun-Eater is coming! She explains that a gigantic alien is on its way to devour the sun and destroy the solar system. So Superman summons every superhero imaginable to figure out a way to stop this upcoming threat.

And that brief glimpse of Impulse swinging his legs back and forth is all we see of him in this issue. The first plan the heroes come up with is to have Mr. Miracle create a large boom tube to teleport the Sun-Eater away. But that fails. Then all the energy-based heroes combine their powers to creates a second sun in an effort to lure away the Sun-Eater, but that fails, too. Soon, the Sun-Eater envelops the sun, casting the Earth in frigid darkness. And Lex Luthor decides to end his tropical vacation to help the heroes save the world.

So that's not a terrible beginning to a big event book. Putting the sun at risk certainly is a large enough threat to unite all of DC's heroes, but unfortunately, only a select few can actually do something about it. It's a similar problem that faced Zero Hour, but unlike Zero Hour, Final Night so far isn't providing any random fighting opportunities for all the land-bound heroes like Impulse.

I only have the digital copy of this series, so there won't be any ads here.

Impulse doesn't appear in the next issue, so we'll skip ahead to The Final Night #3.

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