Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Flash #111

Dead Heat Final Lap: Godspeed

Mark Waid, Story
Oscar Jimenez, Pencils
Jose Marzan, Jr., Inks
Gaspar and Kevin Cunningham, Letterers
Tom McCraw, Colorist
Alisande Morales, Assistant Editor
Brian Augustyn, Editor

We have a pretty dynamic cover by Jimenez and Marzan, for once giving us a good, clean look at Savitar. Flash looks great, the lightning looks great, and the action is not only awesome, but actually shows what happens inside the issue. It's everything I'd expect for the finale of a crossover.

Our story picks up with Flash chasing after Savitar to save his girlfriend, Linda Park. Having already crossed the ocean from the Baltic Mountains, they now make their way through America, passing Boston and Brooklyn, with Savitar trying to slow Flash down by causing several explosions and disasters along the way. When they pass through Washington, D.C., Savitar wrecks the tombstone of Green Arrow, who recently died.

The rest of the speedsters soon arrive, having ran in a straighter line, but they are quickly and easily knocked out by Savitar. In Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, Impulse tries to take on Savitar one-on-one, but Flash pulls him out of the way, calling him a stupid, reckless kid.

As Flash and Savitar continue their race toward Manchester, Alabama, XS joins the run. She has trouble keeping up, but she manages to deliver a message from Iris Allen. According to Iris, Wally can't beat Savitar and has to give him what he wants.

Wally quickly figures out what Iris means, and he offers to take Savitar to see God. Wally races toward the Speed Force, with Savitar excitedly following behind. Once they reach the Speed Force, Savitar rejoices at finally being at one with the Force, and he vanishes in a flash of light. Wally feels the same effect happening to him, but refuses to let it happen, choosing instead to return to Linda once more.

Everyone regroups at Max and Bart's home in Manchester. Iris fusses over Bart's injured forehead, and everyone else has their wounds tended to and comforts Jesse for the loss of her father. Bart asks where Wally is, and, right on cue, a flash of lightning emerges in the room. But instead of Wally appearing, it turns out to be a different Flash from the future.

And thus ends the first Impulse-Flash crossover. Savitar was a pretty awesome villain, although I kinda wish he did more damage. Johnny Quick did die, but he wasn't killed directly by Savitar. But this more carnal desire of mine doesn't weaken the story. It was exciting and emotional, and boasted some great art. This issue in particular, has some excellent splash pages of Flash and Savitar entering the Speed Force.

Only one letter in Speed Reading mentions Impulse, and that is the one by Kent A. Phenis, of Indianapolis. Having been promised a speedster would die in Dead Heat, Kent (correctly) reasons through who that could and could not be. He says Wally and Bart can't die, and Bart can't live alone, meaning Max can't die. Kent says Jay is too beloved and Jesse is too new, leaving Johnny Quick as the only possible candidate for death. Now on to the ads:

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Next time, Superman will ask for Flash to help him on a case, but since Flash is mysteriously missing (again), Supes will have to settle with Impulse in The Adventures of Superman #533.

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