Monday, July 14, 2014

Blood Pack #3

Episode Three: Viva Las Vegas!

Written by Charles Moore
Photography by Christopher Taylor
Lighting by Andy Lanning
Video by Scott Baumann
Credits by Chris Eliopoulos
Directed by Edward S. Berganza
A Jeremy Baxter Production

The cover by Taylor and Lanning shows a random Darkstar battling Jade, daughter of Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern, and Sparx, member of the Blood Pack. And watching from some video screen is three of the New Titans: Arsenal, Impulse and Supergirl. Impulse and Supergirl haven't had any interaction before this, but they will soon in the upcoming issues of New Titans.

I'm not a big fan of this cover. Sure, it has plenty of action, but it's rather nonsensical. I can't tell where anyone is or what the deal is with that video showing the Titans. And why are the Titans so shocked and disgusted? It's like they've never seen any violence before. The one backhanded compliment I can give to this cover is it gives you a perfect idea of what's inside this issue.

Blood Pack is a reality TV show of superheroes, and the Blood Pack comics series was a four-issue miniseries. Since this is part three, I am quite confused by everything. I don't know anybody on the team, what they've done or what they're trying to do. Taylor's art also does a poor job of clearly conveying action. So my synopsis will be somewhat lacking.

The Blood Pack are at some sort of convention in Las Vegas. The Darkstar from the cover shows up, and, to my surprise, nobody seems to know what a Darkstar is. So they fight for a bit, until he finally convinces them that he's one of the good guys and that their TV producers are actually evil. A big fight ensues, and the Blood Pack escapes in a plane. They decide to call the New Titans for help, and Impulse is naturally a big fan of the show and wants to help them. Arsenal, however, is a bit skeptical and wants some more information. But before Blood Pack can elaborate, the call is cut off, and Impulse calls them reverbs.

I'm not sure if the word reverb is supposed to be early '90s slang or 30th century slang. Either way, it's a very weird thing to say, as is that Blood Pack shirt-thing Bart's wearing. Anyway, we find out that the evil producers cut off the signal. And the issue ends, taking Blood Pack away from Impulse forever, which is a real shame, since Impulse's fascination with TV and video games would have made him a great Blood Pack fanboy or groupie. I would have liked more interactions with Impulse and Blood Pack.

There aren't any letters to the editor, and that's probably because this is a miniseries. So let's head straight to the ads.

ReBoot trading cards. I never had any of these cards as a kid, but I did enjoy the show, which was one of the first computer-generated cartoons, which we mistakingly called 3-D back then. ReBoot is also significant to DC, since one of the writers on the show, Dan DiDio, later became one of DC's top executives.

Hey Aerosmith x-pert! You ain't never heard 'em like this! 12 smoking' Aero-classics. One scorching' box. I enjoy my fair share of Aerosmith, but their entire music catalog would be a bit much for me.

Year One. They were legends from the beginning. Man of Steel Annual #4 by Simonson, Leon & Janke. Robin Annual #4 by Dixon, Armstrong & Campanella.

Next time, we get back on track with The Flash #101.

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