Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Darkstars #28

The Captive Heart

Michael Jan Freidman ~ Writer/Creator
Mike Collins ~ Penciller
Ken Branch ~ Inker
Bob Pinaha ~ Letterer
Linda Medley ~ Colorist
Jason Hernandez-Rosenblatt Former Green Lantern
Paul Kupperberg Former Greengrocer

The cover is by Mike Deodato Jr. It is unique in that it shows four different images, but for the purposes of this blog, we really only care about two of them. First and foremost is two characters we know and love, Minion and Donna Troy, surprisingly fighting each other. Well, actually it's not that surprising when you get into the story, but it is rather disheartening. In the bottom left corner, kneeling in a city in ruins, is John Stewart, who I first encountered as the Green Lantern of the Justice League cartoon show in 2001. I have to remind myself that in 1994, Kyle Rayner was the only Green Lantern, meaning John Stewart had to find work as a Darkstar.

Our story begins with John Stewart on Talyn, the home world of Jarras Minion, which was destroyed by Psimon. Much to everyone's surprise, there are actually a handful of survivors scattered among the rubble, including Jarras' dad, Kellad. We then cut to Donna Troy, thinking about how great it is to be a member of the Titans again.

Sadly, that is our only image of Impulse in this issue — just a vague thought bubble. But some stuff involving Minion here is quite important to the New Titans series, so I'll focus on that, ignoring the subplots of the Crimelord's war with the alien Syndicate and lots of other people and things I don't know.

Minion, who had helped the Titans defeat Psimon with the intent to kill him, has resolved again to exact his revenge. He attacks the Darkstar prison ship with his Omegadrome, and Donna is sent to try to stop him. She first appeals to reason, telling Minion that if he kills Psimon, he'll only add one more soul to Psimon's victims — his own. Minion coldly responds with one word: "So?"

He begins to attack Donna, and it quickly becomes apparent that she is not able to defeat him alone. A distress call goes out to the other Darkstars, including John Stewart with Kellad, who recognizes the Omegadrome. The Darkstars are able to patch him through to the prison ship, and Kellad speaks with his son. He tells Jarras that not everyone on Talyn died, and those who survived desire peace, not revenge. Kellad is able to eventually talk Jarras out of killing Psimon, but the poor kid is still struggling with his newfound hatred, and he flies out toward the stars to sort out his feelings.

Any issue with basically no Impulse is always a bit of a downer, but I still loved all the stuff with Jarras Minion. He's quickly become one of my favorite characters because of his emotional turmoil. In fact, that turmoil, that angst, runs so deep, he's unable to immediately reunite himself with his father. He's too ashamed of what he attempted to do, but also mad at himself for not being able to do it in the first place. The best thing for him right now is to get some alone time. But I hope I get to do a few more Minion stories before he fades away into comic book oblivion.

The letter column, Mugla Mail, naturally doesn't mention Impulse, so I'll move ahead to the few new ads.

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Next time, we will see a bit more Impulse in Green Lantern #59.

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